What about the Senior/mid-career designer survey?

We designed a longer survey aimed at senior/ mid-career designers in medium/ large corporations, this time soliciting support from organizations that associate designers in different domains. This survey had forty multiple answer questions covering eight sections:

•           Demographic data on the respondent

•           The company/ corporation they work/ worked

•           Education and training

•           Career path

•           The design team

•           Design definitions

•           Insights impacting scarcity of designers in the C-suite

•           State of design

It was made available via link to senior and mid-career professionals in conjunction with partners, because it was not by personalized invitation it was open to other designers but initial questions allowed us to calibrate the answers. It was answered by 36 senior/ mid-level designers, of which 45% worked in Fortune 500 companies in the period between 2017-2019, 29% of them in executive roles.