Is it because they didn’t do an MBA?

We engaged with designers that did an MBA and asked them if they felt that it had the right return on investment, if it allowed them to evolve in their careers the way they somehow expected, planned. While all that did an MBA expressed that it was important, fundamental to their professional career, none of […]

6. Preparation – Designers don’t have the right education and training, skill set, mindset.

This insight describes an argument where designers don’t have the right education and training, skillset, mindset. While these elements are all different in nature – education what you get in school, training what you can get throughout your career, skillset embodies hard + soft skills and result from natural and apprehended means, and mindset which […]

What is a core element that aligns design and business?

At the core of designer education, though not specific to design, we have the ‘project’ as a unit that designers learn to apply their skills and competencies to. The ‘project’ is a process through which occupations organize themselves to attain market power and recognition, and it is an essential component of design attitude. Though in […]