3. Effectiveness – This is not the best/ right place for designers to lead design, too many distractions.

This insight generally describes an argument that the C-level position is not the best place for designers to lead design, that there are too many matters and practices that impact design’s effectiveness in the company, too many so-called ‘distractions’. The term effectiveness was purposefully chosen instead of efficiency, following a classic definition the effectiveness is […]

And the future of design in these corporations?

The future of design is shaped by the perceived impact of technology, some have stated designers need to “speak machine”, other have recognized the constant pressure of the designers to learn, appreciate and apply technology and computational powers to evolve with design and its impact, Designers are being asked to lead a digitization revolution for […]

Why the focus on the c-suite?

The focus of this research is sharply on the C-Suite, and the executives that sit on it who are often called Top Management Teams (TMT). The focus is not on the CEO nor the Board of Directors for a number of reasons. There seems to be quite a lot of research on CEO’s, from many […]