Was there misalignment between the two surveys?

Both surveys had a number of questions in common, and though they were not written in the exact same way, the data collected is comparable and allows juxtaposing and insight generation. The three areas that both surveys addressed were:

•           State of design in the company they worked in

•           design definitions

•           Insights impacting scarcity of designers in the C-suite

When listing the insights that are at the basis of the question driving the thesis research, though we listed 8 insights in the senior/ mid-career designer, we used only 5 of those to reduce complexity while focusing on the insights we thought were more relevant to the target group. As an example, while one of the insights cited many times by the interviewees was “because there aren’t enough design savvy CEO’s, design champions that understand the value of design”, our partner for the executive survey believed that this group would not rate this insight high, or at all, because it focused on their potential shortcomings.