What are the main conclusions of your research?

This research, the findings and insights, combined with experience has led to a framework of needs to be addressed, by designers and non-designers. This framework is focused on the underlying biases and assumptions each side has of each other, unspoken but yet prominent and present in such a way that it prevents companies from making […]

9. Advice – Management consultancies and advisory boards don’t influence CEO’s positively about the value of design.

This insight resulted from a discussion with some design executives on the reasons why in so many cases design is ill positioned to change the fate of the company by design, and the fact that many executives, members of the BoD and management consultancies don’t understand and advise on design adequately. The term widely used […]

Were you satisfied with the sample composition and size in his research?

We believe we formulated a focused research question, and what was apparently a good idea, to research design leadership in F50 corporations because they have a lot of credible public data due to the intense scrutiny they are under, turned out to be a limiting factor for exactly the same reasons. These corporations, exactly because […]

What about the Senior/mid-career designer survey?

We designed a longer survey aimed at senior/ mid-career designers in medium/ large corporations, this time soliciting support from organizations that associate designers in different domains. This survey had forty multiple answer questions covering eight sections: •           Demographic data on the respondent •           The company/ corporation they work/ worked •           Education and training •           Career […]

How did the executive survey go?

We designed, along with an organization specialized in tracking executives in large corporations a short executive focused survey on Designer leadership in large corporations. The survey had to be short due to the nature of the target respondents, large company executives with very little time to spend on non-essential activities, and the partner we co-designed […]

And the future of design in these corporations?

The future of design is shaped by the perceived impact of technology, some have stated designers need to “speak machine”, other have recognized the constant pressure of the designers to learn, appreciate and apply technology and computational powers to evolve with design and its impact, Designers are being asked to lead a digitization revolution for […]

What is the future of large corporations?

While some governments have acted in ways that may look inadequate, many large corporations have stepped up in ways that have become as impactful if not more than governments. And in many ways because these large corporations are global, they have impacted places and people that otherwise would have not via their local government. While […]

What is the state of design leadership in large corporations?

Research on the state of leadership found that effective leadership development programs are a major force driving organizations’ ability to successfully transform, but when comparing findings from previous year, studies found that while many organizations intended to give Leadership and Development a more strategic role, the objective hasn’t necessarily been achieved. When asked why they […]

Elliot Noyes

When talking about the history of design at IBM, many tend to focus on Elliot Noyes who was hired in 1956 as a design consultant by the then IBM CEO and Chairman of the Board T. J. Watson Jr. who popularized the statement “Good design is Good Business”. Noyes was a well-respected architect with a […]

Who is this research for?

The result of this research is aimed at a mid-level senior designer, who has had formal design education, who has already done some people management and enjoyed it, who believes in the power of large companies and desires to be in a position where she can influence the design direction of the company throughout its […]