What about the Senior/mid-career designer survey?

We designed a longer survey aimed at senior/ mid-career designers in medium/ large corporations, this time soliciting support from organizations that associate designers in different domains. This survey had forty multiple answer questions covering eight sections: •           Demographic data on the respondent •           The company/ corporation they work/ worked •           Education and training •           Career […]

What is a core element that aligns design and business?

At the core of designer education, though not specific to design, we have the ‘project’ as a unit that designers learn to apply their skills and competencies to. The ‘project’ is a process through which occupations organize themselves to attain market power and recognition, and it is an essential component of design attitude. Though in […]

Research motivation

I have been a working professional in the domain of design and design management since 1989 and very early was given the opportunity to manage designers and began the journey of design management per se. In 2011, and after a number of professional experiences with different organizational formats and in different countries, accepted the challenge […]