What about where design and business are not aligned?

Revenue models propose a great way to understand the alignment and misalignment between design and business project cycles. Typical models map cumulative cash flow over time, through stages of Idea Generation, Commercialization and Realization. With differences in terminology, this model holds true to many organizations, and though it allows designers to perform and add value […]

Design With Diversity

I hear a lot about designing for diversity, but what are we doing about enhancing, fostering, protecting Design With Diversity, how much is design open to the  impact and values of diversity and inclusion in its process, ethics, deliverables, results I work in a very diverse and inclusive corporation, it originated in Europe more than […]

Bubbles Design Bubbles

 Are we designing bubbles that design bubbles and thereon, imprisoning people into what they think they want and know, is design responsible for the lack of openness to listen, learn, discuss and relate to other news, tunes than our own? Two years ago, in the last stretch of our Presidential campaign, I received a link […]

Design Frontiers

Reading this great article on Human Augmentation by Andrea Potter, Gautam Jaggi and Prianka Srinivasan in the latest Rotman Management magazine Winter 2019 (have I told that I believe this is one of the best business innovation magazines around?), I can’t stop myself from identifying all the places Design must play a part, independently of […]