Why the focus on formally trained designers?

For the purpose of the PhD research, we decided to focus on academically trained designers as a definition of designer. The existence of design as an academic degree justifies the original inquiry ‘why aren’t there more designers in the c-suite of F50’. While design training is a growing trend among large corporations, executives have training […]

Research motivation

I have been a working professional in the domain of design and design management since 1989 and very early was given the opportunity to manage designers and began the journey of design management per se. In 2011, and after a number of professional experiences with different organizational formats and in different countries, accepted the challenge […]

Sharing the PhD thesis

The thesis has > 200 pages + bibliography, we were required per PhD guidelines to go through the necessary literature review, research methodology and procedures, research findings, insights, final considerations and limitations of future work. Instead of sharing the raw document, we chose to break it down into posts of 300 words or less around […]