Sharing the PhD thesis

The thesis has > 200 pages + bibliography, we were required per PhD guidelines to go through the necessary literature review, research methodology and procedures, research findings, insights, final considerations and limitations of future work. Instead of sharing the raw document, we chose to break it down into posts of 300 words or less around what question we were trying to answer, what topic were we trying to cover with that particular section of the research, and share them in LinkedIn and here. In these posts we will not list sources nor cite authors, we did that in the thesis. If any reader is interested in how we might have arrived at a certain conclusion, viewpoint, we can elaborate via dialogue.

These posts follow the thesis flow and are meant to spur reflection and conversation among the LinkedIn, they are not final nor absolute and they don’t constitute a solution. Feel free to use any of this, please refer back to the authors. You can download here each topic we address in the thesis format.