How was your question received?

Regarding the question “Why Aren’t There More Designers in the C-Suite of F50 Corporations”, the interaction with both designers and non- designers revealed a certain uneasiness with the question. Some senior designers felt there was a certain insinuation that they were either not able or willing to be in high level positions in large corporations, […]

What were your research objectives and hypothesis?

Objective 1: Discover existing research specifically dedicated to reasons why trained designers do not occupy high level positions in large corporations; Objective 2: Establish via engagement with designers and executives, insights that might be impeding designers from assuming high level positions in large corporations; Objective 3: Generate a number of hypothesis that could be researched […]

What about women designers in the C-suite of large corporations?

This research would be remiss if it didn’t address the fact that there is an ongoing debate about the lack of women in the C-suite of large corporations, as well as in the CEO role. As the HBR puts it in an article on the topic “The news about U.S. women’s presence in the C-suite […]

Why US F50, and not F500, or Global 500?

The focused sample of this research was the top 50 Fortune 500 US corporations, and apart from a moment where we extrapolated the potential number of designers impacted by F500 corporations, we kept away from extrapolating any of the insights and data from the top 50 to the remaining 450 or even other universe of […]

Research motivation

I have been a working professional in the domain of design and design management since 1989 and very early was given the opportunity to manage designers and began the journey of design management per se. In 2011, and after a number of professional experiences with different organizational formats and in different countries, accepted the challenge […]