How was your question received?

Regarding the question “Why Aren’t There More Designers in the C-Suite of F50 Corporations”, the interaction with both designers and non- designers revealed a certain uneasiness with the question. Some senior designers felt there was a certain insinuation that they were either not able or willing to be in high level positions in large corporations, some executives questioned if others representing design at that level were not doing a good enough job, if there was some sort of insinuation that designers would do a better job.

We explained that there were no insinuations, it was a question about why a group of professionally educated people that were hired to do a job in a certain area were not reaching high level positions of management in large corporations, despite so many stating that professional area was important and the fact that these organizations hire so many of those professionals to carry that job, they were not in top leadership positions in these large corporations.