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Today Facebook reminded me of something I did 20 years ago.

Made me giggle, because it was a ticket from a Robert Plant I went to in 1993 with Pedro Homem in Germany, by chance that is. I joined Facebook in 2007, I started using it much more when I came to the US because it allowed me to stay in contact with friends and relatives from back home, I have 936 ‘friends’ and I believe I am addicted to it. I am not sure, but never liked the feeling of being addicted to anything, so I am going to slowly disengage.

Today I deleted the mobile version of Facebook and Messenger, I have the desktop version at home, meaning I will be on it a lot less. Depending on how it goes, I may drop out of it all together as a New Year resolution!

I am also starting a Blog, again. Not sure what I will be using it for, but I prefer to get back to creating content than just consuming it.

You can always catch me on Instagram and LinkedIn, the first one a place for artistic expression, the second as a professional site. Uma vezes vou escrever em Português, other times in English, às vezes tudo ao molho.

Até soon.


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